7 Ways to Impress Past Clients and Grow Future Business

7 Ways to Impress Past Clients and Grow Future Business

Want your real estate business to perform at the top of its game? The solution almost always comes down to your relationship with your clients. It would be a mistake to view real estate as a series of “one and done” transactions. Rather, it makes more sense to build lasting and durable relationships with customers that will grow your business long-term. Here’s why that’s important and seven things you can do to impress your past clients to improve your results.

The Importance of Building Customer Relationships

The long-term success of your real estate business depends on the relationships you build with customers over time. Customers are continually evaluating their connections with brands and are more than willing to try someone else if they aren’t satisfied. Some of the benefits of building strong customer relationships include:

  • Reduces churn— Few people buy just one home in their lifetimes. Some will want to move up or try a different neighborhood. If you have a strong relationship with a client, you can keep them as a customer long-term.
  • Boosts customer lifetime value— Satisfied customers are going to produce more revenue for your business. The customer lifetime value (CLV) will be higher through repeat business and referrals.
  • Develops brand advocates— Happy customers become your business’s biggest cheerleaders. With you having to ask, they will leave positive reviews and recommend you to others in the community.

How to Build Strong Customer Relationships That Grow Future Business

The key to building strong customer relations, no matter the size of your real estate business, is to keep your clients engaged. Jimmy Burgess, the Chief Growth Officer for Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Beach Properties and host of The Real Estate Podcast, shares some of his sales tips for real estate agents. Specifically, to boost engagement and grow your real estate business, Burgess recommends that realtors use these seven strategies:

  1. Take One Person Per Week to Lunch

Everyone needs to eat, right? Agents are social people. So, leverage this strength by taking one of your past clients out to lunch each week. Ask them about their home, family, and career. Begin building a long-term relationship with your clients that will pay dividends in the future.

  1. Notice and Recognize Special Events

People love it when you recognize their milestones and special events. In fact, one realtor in St. Louis uses Send Out Cards to copy photos of clients celebrating special times on social media and give them extra recognition. Let your clients know you’re thinking about them, and you’ll stay top of mind for them as well.

  1. Celebrate With Desserts

When special holidays approach, celebrate them by sending your past clients desserts. For example, you can give away pies for Thanksgiving or cookies at the holidays. This is another way to remind clients that you appreciate them.

  1. Have Food Truck Client Appreciation Nights

Food trucks have become incredibly popular for their quick service and quality meals. A fun way to connect with past clients is to advertise a client appreciation night, where you have some local food trucks come to your office or a designated neighborhood.

  1. Buy Group Tickets to Special Events

Whether it be a major concert, a local sporting event, or a popular wine, art, or food festival, consider purchasing group tickets that you can distribute to past clients. Often, these tickets will benefit the community as well as generate good will for your business.

  1. Celebrate Their Homeaversary

The anniversary of your client’s closing, the “homeaversary” is a big deal. Set these dates on your calendar so that you can send a thank you card and/or a small gift to your client to remind that that you are grateful for their business.

  1. Make a Branded Box Truck Available

If it’s in the budget, you might want to consider purchasing a branded box truck. Think of it as a moving truck with your business information all over the outside. You can loan out the truck to current at past clients at no charge, and this rolling billboard will generate goodwill while getting your name around town.

Get the Best Results With Your Real Estate Marketing Strategy

Each real estate market and year brings something new. So, it’s vital that you have a commitment to client service that will continue to grow your business under any conditions. One of the best ways to achieve real estate success is to have partners you can trust.

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